HPAIR DUBAI 2013 Vol.3

 I was even able to meet some of my old friend whom I had met in HKU during the World Business Dialogue, along with a lot of new people! Everyone I met at the conference was just so amazing. I got to share different ideas with them and they shared their ideas and experiences with me. I met people whom were thinking of creating their own start-up businesses, and people whom already established their own start-ups. I met people who were working for big corporations and people working for NGOs. Going to conferences like these, you are sure to meet a lot of new and amazing people, and you are sure to get inspired to go to another conference! 

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HPAIR DUBAI 2013 Vol.3 HPAIR DUBAI 2013 Vol.3 Reviewed by logbook on 上午7:00 Rating: 5


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