Foodie Lucas: All you can eat in King of Stick

Hot pot is one of the best cuisine in world, especially the one from Sichuen, China.
If you can eat a lot, it is better for you to visit a all you can eat restaurant like King of stick. 
The environment of this restaurant is really nice, clean and tidy. 

For the starter, we ordered deep fried pork belly 
and clutious cake with condensed milk. 

Deep fried Pork belly was really impressive to me. 
As the skin was very crispy and the fats of the pork was so soft. 
The combination between the crispy skin and soft fats is so amazing. 
In addition, the texture of the pork was quite juicy. 

For the main dish, hot pot, we can choose the soup based. 
If you are greedy, you can choose combo and you can taste 2 great tastes in one time. 
I chose Chinese Herbal and Sichuen Chili as my soup based. 

After choosing soup based, you need to choose the sauces. 
You can mix and match easily here. 
I recommend to mix soy sauce, dark vinegar and some garlic. 

You can get any stick you like here not only beef, pork and chicken, 
but also plenty of seafood choices.  

The sichuen spicy soup made my tongue felt numbing. 
I enjoyed the feeling so much. If you can't taste the spicy soup based, 
chinese herbal is probably the best. 
You  can feel fresh and enhance the taste of the meat so much. 
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